Aus: The Erratic Universe of Yona Friedman

The Erratic Universe of Yona Friedman

Ein Foto-Essay über die Pariser Wohnung, die Yona Friedman seit 1968 bewohnt – ein unmittelbarer Einblick in das persönliche erratische Universum des berühmten Architekten.


Mo–Fr 11–13 14–17 Uhr

Stefano Graziani graduated in architecture at the IUAV in Venice, photographer, History and Technique of Photography professor at the Architecture Faculty, Trieste University. He has worked and published different portfolios for Domus (Yona Friedman, Le Tier Paysage, Chandigarh, Robert Smithson), A+U (Japan), Numero Press (France), Camera Austria, Territorio, Log (USA), Editoriale Motta, Repubblica, Cross, FlashArt Italia, Abitare, Monopol Magazine (Berlin), Marsilio (Catalogue for the Architecture Biennale 2008, Beyond Building, curator Aaron Betsky and Emiliano Gandolfi), Abitare/Rizzoli (Maddalena Effect, editor Studio Boeri 2009). He Has been working for five years in the photographic lab of Design and Art faculty at IUAV, Venice, and runned different workshps, at VIU, Venice International University, with Micael Hardt, Venice and Globalization 2006, in Delft at the Alexander Vollebregt urban design unit 2007, and in Hannover at the architecture Faculty with Hilde Leon (2008), upcoming workshops in 2010 at Brussel School for Fine Arts and Istanbul School for Architecture.