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a series of experimental workshops on photography in architecture and urban space


Mo–Fr 11–13 14–17 Uhr

Im November öffnet die Galerie ihren Raum für den Kunstverein f.act-forum, der mit einer POP-UP AUSSTELLUNG und einem 2-tägigen, internationalen FOTOGRAFIE-WORKSHOP im Rahmen des Projekts ECoC-AXIS in der Griesgasse aktiv ist.

AUSSTELLUNGSERÖFFNUNG: 22. November 2019, 17:00

WORKSHOP: 23.-24. November 2019

Die Teilnahme am Workshop ist allen offen und kostenlos. Die Anmeldung und weitere Information unter offgallerygraz@gmail.com

Begrenzte Teilnehmerzahl!

ECoC-AXIS: Graz - Rijeka - Novi Sad is a three-year interdisciplinary project in urban space that fosters cooperation and dialog between creative practitioners (students/professionals in the field of architecture and photography, and beyond) and local micro-communities, including vulnerable groups (migrants, refugees).

Through creative workshops, exhibitions, site-specific art and architecture installations, and a documentary, network/blog and publication the ECoC-AXIS is designed to encourage the low-threshold participation, as well as to provoke a change of perspective on the living space. It thus supports a more comprehensive, inclusive and tolerant view on the people we share this space with. Participating in the CREATIVE PRODUCTION in photography, writing and architectural performance, participants can realize: If I can produce something that is being seen, then I am seen, too. As an effect, the project fosters positive influence on the process of establishing tolerance and diversity in urban space. The activities of the project are designed to educate and promote the value of a humanistic common ground.

In 2019, the project ECoC-AXIS was marked by SPACE REFLECTIONS: a series of experimental workshops on photography in architecture and urban space, held in Ljubljana (May 2019) and Novi Sad (July 2019). The results of these workshops are now presented in Graz (November 2019), followed by a further creative investigation in Graz-Gries.